institution IED Barcelona
project type Editorial Design
year 2019


is a magazine that talks about the environment from a scientific and analytical point of view.

The work proposal consisted of the creation of a magazine about the environment that deals with the subject plastic.
        Esfera analyzes each topic from a scientific and analytical point of view. The editoria design was developed with the intention of transmitting these values. The idea is that it be as transparent as possible so that the reader can judge the information for himself.
Dimensions DIN-A4(210x297mm) - 40 pages

c. director Alberto Torres
project type Editorial Design
year 2020

Cover & back cover 


is a publication dedicated to male hair and its lovers.

With this publication, the aim was to create various visual narratives through Torres Ibarzo’s photographs and texts from many collaborators.
        To accommodate several different stories in the same publication, an eclectic graphic style was generated, with common denominators throughout the entire magazine, to unify all the articles under the same identity.
        The result is a magazine where photographs take center stage, and their narratives are told with the aid of graphic communication.
Photogaphy Torres IbarzoDimensions 210x285mm

tutor Ana Catarina Silva
project type Editorial Design
year 2018

Contos do Gin-Tonic

was written by Mário-Henrique Leiria and it was first published in 1973. The book is a compilation of several tales with a bohemic and surrealist tone.

The graphic choices, like the script titles that resemble neon type, match the tone of the tales, creating a fluid reading, jumping from tale to tale, like in a night out, jumping from bar to bar. To create dynamism the text in verse is set in a different size and aligned to the spine of the book, and the page numbers advance to the right at every page turn.

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