is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer with 6 years of experience working on branding, packaging, editorial design, advertising and motion graphics.

His work has consistently elevated brand identities, captivating audiences and fostering enduring engagement. Notably, his proficiency in implementing innovative work methodologies has not only streamlined production processes but also fostered seamless communication and collaboration within multifaceted teams. Eager to embrace fresh challenges and contribute his expertise, Marcos is poised to bring significant value to his next creative venture


  • 03/2021 — 08/2023 : Graphic Desig Consultant at Timeline®

• Collaboratively executed a comprehensive re-branding project, modernizing visual communication and overcoming challenges in digital campaigns and packaging.

Contributed significantly to the team’s efforts in the artistic direction of the brand identity update, from ideation and visualization through moodboards to the selection of models and photographers, effectively steering the brand’s creative direction and maintaining a cohesive visual language across diverse mediums.

Played an integral role in spearheading the development of new packaging systems for an gamechanging line of skin health cosmetics, and seamlessly extending the brand’s visual language to accommodate the innovative product line by updating existing packaging.

Contributed significantly to the team’s efforts in redesigning the recipe book, an integral part of the costumers experience, and other editorial pieces of communication.

Played an essential role, within the team, in orchestrating a notable surge in the brand’s online and offline engagement through the implementation of an updated motion design language and a strategic emphasis on video content, resulting in increased views and a notable presence in various health, science, and technology publications, including The New York Times Magazine.

Actively participated within the team in offline storytelling initiatives, including designing dpatial design solutions for events and conferences, effectively leveraging over 20 events to expand the brand’s visibility and reputation, and successfully attracting a substantial customer base through compelling narratives.

Collaboratively produced engaging illustrations and motion graphics for the brand’s blog, newsletter, and social media platforms, simplifying complex scientific literature into accessible visual narratives that enhanced audience engagement and understanding.

Played a key role, within the team, in designing impactful presentation materials for both B2B and B2C interactions.

Collaborated with the team in designing the entire Amazon store, ensuring a cohesive brand representation and optimized user experience.

  • 06/2019 — 01/2021Graphic designer at Torres Ibarzo
• Overhauled the visual identity of associated brands through the creation of tailored visual systems and graphic languages that resonated with specific target audiences, resulting in heightened brand popularity and expanded customer base.

Led the design and execution of successful campaigns, generating immediate traction and amplifying brand visibility across various platforms.

Produced engaging graphic materials and dynamic motion graphics for digital campaigns, ensuring seamless adaptation across physical mediums and channels.

Contributed to the development of streamlined methodologies and work processes, enhancing overall efficiency and fostering improved communication channels within the organization.

• Implemented new tools to diversify graphic material creation, enhancing overall design capabilities and output efficiency.

Oversaw the editorial design and actively participated in the creative direction of the 3rd edition of “Hairy” magazine.

  • 01/2018 : Graphic designer for the Slow is More workshop held at the IPCA School of Design in partnership with EINA Barcelona

During my brief stint at Taller Slow Is More, I designed the workshops visual identity, catering to the specific requirements of each participating team. I also created impactful graphic materials for both physical and digital advertising channels, successfully meeting demanding deadlines and delivering high-quality work within a limited timeframe.

  • 10/201408/2016 : Graphic designer for Sacoimagem, a paper packaging maker

As a Graphic Designer at Sacoimagem, I took charge of the design and prototyping paper packaging solutions and bags, developing new production-ready packaging models that aligned with clients' needs. Additionally, I directed and executed all photographs used for the company's advertising channels, ensuring effective communication with clients and delivering optimal solutions for their requirements.

  • 01/201406/2014 : Graphic design internship for the A Voz de Ermesinde newspaper

During my internship at A Voz De Ermesinde, I played a pivotal role in revamping the visual identity and redesigning the sports supplement of the newspaper. I was also responsible for the digital photography treatment across all issues, ensuring the print readiness of files and contributing to the overall visual appeal of the publication.


  • 2019 - Graphic Design bachelor degree from IPCA School of Design
  • 2014 - Professional Graphic Design Technician degree from the Ermesinde Highschool





  • PORTUGUESE     Native
  • ENGLISH        Fluent
  • SPANISH        Fluent
  • CATALAN        Aprenent


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